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Welcome To Montgomery Creek Elementary School

Welcome To Montgomery Creek Elementary School

Located in the beautiful mountains of rural Northern California, Mountain Union Elementary School District and Montgomery Creek Elementary School serve students from Transtional Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Our preschool Enrichment Program, Little Hill Enrichment is located on the Cedar Creek School campus.  We are a basic aid district, representing a diverse community, rich in the traditions of the outdoors.  Our rural location allows our students, staff, and community members to thrive in and explore the beauty of nature.  To aid in this exploration, students have access to the latest technologies including individual chromebooks, internet hotspots when needed for home use, a robust selection of digital platforms for intervention, exploration and/or enrichment, interactive classroom digital displays, and a menagerie of insects, amphibians, fish, and other animals living in classroom habitats designed for safe, humane, and successful exploration of the various lifecycles found in nature.  Our students work with indigenous leaders from the north state to learn about the technologies and practices of the original peoples of this area and the benefits of these practices in meeting the challenges of today.
Our student population varies in number but usually averages 75 to 80 students.  These students are a diverse group with approximately 20% identifying as Native American, 20% identifying as Multi-Ethnic (non Hispanic), 6% Hispanic, 50% Caucasian and 5% unkown.  Free and reduced lunch count is approximately 84% of enrolled students.   
Learning and teaching modalities of all kinds have been examined, adopted, and customized to meet the unique needs and challenges of our students and community.  Methods of assessment have also been re-examined and updated at regular intervals as part of our continuous cycle of improvement - designed to provide our students, parents and teachers the feedback needed for the optimum learning experience. Teachers and staff have incorporated a strong Social Emotional Learning program focusing on building capacity among staff and students to understand what is needed to provide and engage in an effective learning environment.   Growth mindset, emotional intelligence, Masters of the Skills of Independence, GRIT goals, Digital citizenship, self regulation skills, and restorative practices are just a few of the tools students and staff work on continuously while building a safe and harmonious school environment where learning occurs.   Our students enjoy a focus on standards based learning where assessments and report cards are based on attainment and mastery of state standards.  Problem based and experiential learning is a core principal our teaching staff continues to pursue.  Our staff is aligned in the goal of helping our students prepare for their future by learning to be creative and collaborative thinkers who can work independently when needed.
Our school services staff work very hard to ensure: efficient, timely, and safe, transportation is provided to students to and from school in mountain conditions; nutritious and appealing meals and snacks  are provided daily: a clean, functioning, safe, and inviting school atmosphere is maintained and continuously enhanced; safe, exciting, inclusive, and enjoyable recess and breaks occur on a regular basis; daily intervention and enrichment opportunities are available; and many other "behind the scenes" operations keep the school moving forward in a positive direction.  
Montgomery Creek Elementary School and Mountain Union Elementary School District students, staff, and community have proven to be adaptable, resourceful, resilient and focused on making their community a better place - Montgomery Creek School is an exciting place to be!